A powerful new tool in the global effort to eradicate TB.

Welcome to TBwarrior.com

Our innovative TB Warrior video and social media platform will:

  • ACCELERATE finding the millions of ‘missing’ people with TB who are undiagnosed or untreated

  • MOTIVATE people with TB to get tested and treated

  • REDUCE stigma around TB

  • CELEBRATE patients, caregivers, and others who battle TB every day

TBwarrior.com will be home to The Unsaved, a cinematic, TB-themed web series unlike any you have ever seen.   It will tell a dramatic story - your story - and keep you coming back for more.   Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think on any of our social media channels.   #TBwarrior

If you are a…

  • patient fighting the disease

  • nurse, doctor, or other caregiver helping your patients

  • TB program manager or public health official fighting for resources

  • health advocate or simply a concerned or compassionate person

…you are a TB Warrior!

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