Partner with TB Warrior on a TB REACH proposal!

  • Take your TB case finding to the next level, using innovative social media and digital marketing strategies

  • Reduce TB stigma and increase TB testing and treatment by leveraging our customized, entertaining, and dramatic web video series

  • Reach and engage people with TB where and when they live, 24/7 - no staff required!

  • Celebrate your frontline TB caregivers and community health workers

TB Warrior is seeking partnerships with governments, NGOs, non-profits, universities or other eligible partners for TB REACH - WAVE 7.

What is TB Warrior?

TB Warrior is at the forefront of innovation in TB care, control, and advocacy by taking advantage of ever-increasing internet access and social media engagement. TB Warrior emphasizes engagement of hard to reach populations/patients, ‘missing’ case finding, and de-stigmatization. We do this by creating, delivering, and targeting high quality, TB-themed, fictional storytelling in episodic format. Viewers and followers are provided follow-up information and care opportunities repeatedly using state-of-the-art digital marketing techniques. And, with no outreach staff required, TB Warrior adds direct value to existing labor intensive case finding efforts

What is TB REACH?

From Stop TB Partnership’s TB REACH web site (http://stoptb.org/global/awards/tbreach/):

“TB REACH is a multi-lateral funding mechanism primarily supported by Global Affairs Canada, with additional funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the United States Agency for International Development and National Philanthropic Trust. TB REACH provides grants to partners for testing innovative approaches and technologies aimed at increasing the number of people diagnosed and treated for TB, decreasing the time to appropriate treatment and improving treatment success rates. It combines fast-track, results-based financing and rigorous, external monitoring and evaluation (M&E) to produce results, so other donor agencies and/or national governments can scale-up successful approaches and maximize their own investments.”