About Us

Our Concern

Most online TB education and advocacy resources come in the form of knowledge dissemination - webinars, statistical reports, announcements of scientific advances, resource directories, pronouncements, etc. These are very valuable but do not take advantage of the power of the internet and social media to build a global community dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the massive efforts daily to fight and cure TB around the world. We want to awaken and bond the global communities of front line care givers and patients in the fight against TB.

What is TBwarrior.com?

TBWarrior.com and our affiliated social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) serve multiple purposes. We will create unique and engaging cinematic TB-themed content for followers to enjoy and share. We also will create places and means to share and celebrate your work, your fight, and your success against TB.

The top of our communications pyramid will be our new web drama series, The Unsaved. Our adventure-themed storytelling and relatable nurse hero character will tap directly into the millions of patients and front line caregivers to help people around the world understand, normalize, and de-stigmatize TB. While not sacrificing entertainment value, the show also will subtly deliver information on medical advances, care giving, treatment seeking, and other relevant topics. We will take advantage of the rapid advances in internet access, mobile technology, and preference for video content and entertainment to deliver our messages.

The foundation of our pyramid will be filled with different and deeper forms of TB education and peer support. Forums, blogs, podcasts, and topical vignettes all are possibilities. Our tailored social media channels will be essential platforms for information dissemination and peer sharing.

TBWarrior.com will provide this opportunity to you and your fellow TB warriors around the globe. Find out more here and join the conversation on your favorite social media channel today.

Social Media

As we build a global following, feel free to use these suggested hashtags to share your personal #TBwarrior  stories. Here are some suggestions.

Patients:   #TBfree #TBcured #TBsurvivor
Family and Friends:   #TBfamily #TBfriends #TBsupport
Nurses, doctors, and caregivers:   #TBnurse  #TBdoctor  #TBnursepatrol #TBcare
Remembrance:   #TBblessing  #TBeternal